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Handmade ALWAYS Morse Code Bracelet In Garnet & Howlite Stones | Custom Sizing Clasp Bracelet | Unisex Jewelry For Women Or Men | January & April Birthstone | Eco-Friendly | Hypoallergenic & Nickel-Free | Natural Stone | Wedding Anniversary

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Share your deepest feelings with the secret message of the ALWAYS Morse Code Bracelet. Made with dark red Garnet and faceted Rock Crystal Quartz with a body of marbled white Howlite, this will be your every day - and all-day - bracelet. Share the message with your partner - the ALWAYS Morse Code Bracelet is perfect for her!

Garnets are January's birthstone, the gemstone to celebrate 2nd anniversaries and the state gemstone of New York.

April has two birthstones - the modern Diamond and the historical Rock Crystal Quartz.

  • Stones: 4mm round red Garnet for the dots and faceted 4mm clear Rock Crystal Quartz (aka Crystal Quartz, Rock Quartz) for the dashes; 4mm natural white Howlite for the body of the bracelet
  • Circumference of bracelet: sized to order
  • Stones are strung on two strands of strong stretch cord
  • Hypoallergenic/Nickel Free: Yes
  • Jewelry will be nicely presented in a gift box wrapped with a ribbon!

Sizing your bracelet: See the Size Guide above or the Sizing tab below for more details.

About The Stones
About Garnet

The name for this coveted wine-colored gemstone comes from the Latin word granatus for "seeds" because the stones resemble the juicy seeds of a pomegranate! In Greek mythology, a pomegranate was often given as a gift of passion and associated with eternal love.

Garnets symbolize a quick return to a separated love - they are often gifted to a loved one before they embark on travel.

About Rock Crystal Quartz

Rock Crystal Quartz is the purest variety of Quartz - transparent and completely colorless. Most people don't know that other popular gemstones are simply versions of Quartz with colors, such as Amethyst, Citrine, and more.

In our modern world, Quartz is used in the mechanism of quartz watches (hence the name) which keep exceptionally accurate time. This is because of Quartz's ability to release regular electronic impulses at precise frequencies. Quartz's piezoelectricity is not only for watches but GPS equipment, telephones and radios, as well as the mechanism triggering airbags in our cars. It's genuinely a scientifically interesting natural stone crystal!

Rock Crystal Quartz is said to be associated with new beginnings.

About Howlite

Natural white Howlite is said to be an excellent stone for meditation and has been used by practitioners to focus the mind. The grey spidery veins are thought to be like intrusive thoughts - to be acknowledged and then passed by.

Howlite is found in cauliflower-like masses that have the texture of unglazed porcelain. This snow-white stone ranges from pure white to being threaded with black or dark grey spiderweb veining. In its natural, undyed form, Howlite is a beautiful stone, especially in contrast with other stone colors.

How To Size Your Bracelet

Using a piece of string (or fabric measuring tape), measure your wrist just above the wrist bone (towards your elbow, not your hand). This is the circumference of your wrist. Depending on the type of fit you would like, add the following to your measured wrist circumference to get a final bracelet size:

Snug fit (won't move much): add 1/4" to 1/2"
"Comfort" fit (will move, but stay above your hand): add 3/4" to 1"
Loose fit (may drape down on your hand a bit): add 1-1/4"


Pick the bracelet size closest to this final calculation. For example, if I measured my wrist as 5.75" and wanted a snug fit, I would pick either size 6 or size 6.5 as my bracelet size. If I wanted a loose fit that would hang down a bit on the top of my hand, I'd pick size 7.